April 25, 2023

So far our hot tub seems fine. Our other Hot Spring tub is white so we’re used to being able to evaluate the condition of the water with a white background.

We then shock it when we feel it’s necessary. This tub has a gray color. That makes the water have sort of a greenish/yellow hue. We’re not used to that yet.

Also, the “FROG” chemical system is new to us so we really don’t know what were doing regarding that. We’ve tested the water several times, and added small amounts of PH reducer. But, we don’t know when we’ll need to replace the cartridge. We’re having a bit of difficulty with our learning curve.

The hot water feels fine!

Phil and Bonnie Maurer
April 14, 2023

Great place, great service! Thank you Scott for all your help with making my hot tub dreams come true.

Lea Harrison